CanNor Highlights for 5th Anniversary

On August 18, 2014, the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) will be celebrating its fifth anniversary.

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Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP)

On April 1, 2014, CanNor launched the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP). This revised program replaces the Aboriginal Economic Development (AED) suite of programs. NAEOP, a results-based and application driven program, will focus on increasing the participation of northern Aboriginal communities and businesses so they can fully participate in territorial economic opportunities.

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Fostering Responsible Resource Development in Canada's North

Canada's North offers tremendous potential for the mining and resource development sector. Rich in natural resources, Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories are a choice destination for Canadian and global investment. Investment in mineral exploration in the territories was estimated at more than $1 billion in 2012.

CanNor works with industry, northern governments, communities and other partners to promote responsible resource development in Canada's three territories to support economic growth and long-term prosperity for northerners and all Canadians.

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Investing in Cultural Industries

The Adäka Cultural Festival, held annually in Whitehorse, Yukon, was launched in July 2011. It is an iconic festival that showcases and celebrates diverse and distinctive First Nations arts and culture. The Adäka festival contributes greatly to cultural tourism and to strengthening and diversifying the local economy, providing new opportunities for emerging artists, vendors and local businesses. CanNor is committed to investing in the North's cultural industries and recognizes their importance to the local economy.

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Northern Successes: Nunavut Fisheries

Nunavut's fishing sector is developing into a thriving industry, thanks to a comprehensive, multi-year collaborative effort. Although large expanses of Nunavut's marine waters remained underdeveloped for years, that's changing. Today, a dynamic, diversified and sustainable fishing industry is in the making

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Biomass Fuels: Creating sustainable energy solutions for the NWT

A growing market for biomass fuels is helping the Northwest Territories shift from imported fossil fuels to energy from local resources. Biomass fuels are made from sustainable organic matter like plant materials, vegetation or agricultural waste. In the NWT, forest waste, such as sawdust, is the primary biomass materials in use.

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Northern Successes: Converting Plastic to Oil

A machine that converts plastic into crude oil is up and running in Whitehorse, Yukon. The first of its kind in North America, the machine at P&M Recycling is already producing enough oil to heat the recycling centre it is housed in.

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Building a Strong North Together


CanNor is conducting engagement which will inform next steps for the SINED program. This public process ends May 22, 2015. For more information, and to submit your views, please visit the Engagement on the Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development Program.