Business Development

Yukon Business Icefield Tools Corporation has garnered international attention with its precision borehole surveying tools for the mining, oil & gas and geotechnical sectors. Icefield tools utilized the services of the Yukon Business Development Program, funded in part by CanNor that provides personalized business development assistance to Yukon companies.

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) supports the growth and expansion of northern businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, through training, advisory services, and through dynamic and flexible contribution programs for businesses and communities that build capacity. The objective is to encourage a competitive, diverse northern business sector with a strengthened capacity for innovation.

CanNor works with businesses, industry, communities, Aboriginal organizations and territorial governments through its programs and services to help encourage innovation, stimulate entrepreneurship and create sustainable economic development in sectors such as tourism, geosciences, renewable energy, fisheries, small and medium enterprises, and cultural and traditional sectors.

CanNor brings knowledge and expertise of local and regional economies to help build the capacity of individuals, organizations and northern businesses and seeks to leverage the activities flowing from major resource projects to diversify and strengthen other sectors of local economies.

CanNor's contribution programs that support business development and capacity include:

CanNor also supports third party delivery arrangements that provide business advisory services to assist Aboriginal small business owners in accessing financing for planning, start-up, expansion and marketing. In Nunavut, the Nunavut Community Economic Development Organization (NCEDO) supports the delivery of CanNor's Aboriginal Economic Development programming and in Yukon, däna Näye Ventures provides these services. In the Northwest Territories, CanNor delivers Aboriginal Economic Development programs for aboriginal entrepreneurs and community owned and controlled corporations.

The Agency also serves as the federal managing partner for the Canada Business Service Centres providing local access to information and resources related to business development.

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