NPMO Services

Industry Support

NPMO supports industry by serving both as a central source of information and as a guide through northern regulatory processes.  NPMO staff are located in all three territories and in Ottawa.  An NPMO advisor is assigned to serve as the liaison for each northern project.
Interested stakeholders, can contact NPMO staff to discuss:

  • northern regulatory processes and federal requirements for all stages of regulatory review;
  • project-specific issues or barriers and possible solutions;
  • organizing a Resource Development Advisory Group (RDAG) meeting, where industry proponents have the opportunity to describe their project to regulators during the early stages of project development;
  • meeting with NPMO and/or other federal representatives; and,
  • proponent engagement with Aboriginal groups.

Federal Coordination

NPMO coordinates the work of federal departments participating in northern regulatory processes related to resource development and infrastructure projects. NPMO uses a number of tools to ensure effective communication and issues resolution among parties:

  • A Memorandum of Understanding between federal departments, agencies and organizations who formally agree to work together under the leadership of NPMO;
  • Project-specific Northern Project Agreements created in partnership with federal departments and agencies that outline roles and responsibilities of the parties involved;
  • Territorial and project-specific committees that provide ongoing forums for issue resolution, communication and coordination;
  • Aboriginal Crown consultation coordination for major projects;
  • The NPMO Tracker to track tasks, milestones, and responsibilities of lead departments and agencies.

Northern Project Agreements

A Northern Project Agreement is a formal agreement between federal deputy heads that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the implicated departments and agencies during the federal environmental assessment and regulatory review of a proposed major project. The agreement includes a timeline, schedule and milestones to ensure cooperation, coordination and timely completion of activities during the environmental assessment, regulatory permitting, and Crown consultation and accommodation phases of a major project.
Once a project agreement is signed, NPMO will track and monitor the progress against agreed upon timelines and milestones though its publicly accessible monitoring and tracking system – the NPMO Tracker – and through regular reporting to Deputy Ministers and Ministers.

Links to Northern Project Agreements: