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NPMO organizes federal departmental working groups focused on specific projects, coordinates federal departmental input into environmental assessment and regulatory review processes, and provides ongoing communication channels to address issues. The process is established through a departmental working agreement.

NPMO's role in facilitating and coordinating activities and processes throughout the lifecycle of proposed major projects in the territories, helps to improve the efficiency, timeliness, predictability and transparency of environmental assessment and regulatory review processes.

NPMO uses a project management approach to ensure that project-specific issues are identified and resolved with territorial and federal departments and agencies involved in environmental assessments and regulatory and permitting processes. Note: NPMO is not a regulator and does not have decision-making responsibilities.


NPMO brings together project proponents, business leaders, potential investors, and Indigenous governments, groups and organizations to increase understanding about Northern regulatory systems for major projects.

For industry representatives and proponents new to regulatory processes in the territories, NPMO offers assistance in understanding and navigating the regulatory systems unique to each territory.

NPMO also hosts stakeholder meetings to discuss issues specific to a proposed major project. At any stage of the environmental review process, project proponents can meet with a Resource Development Advisory Group (RDAG), hosted by NPMO. Organizations with an interest in a project, including staff from the territorial boards; local governments, Indigenous governments and organizations; and federal and territorial departments and agencies come together for these meetings.

Through this process, project proponents can share information about their project and ask for feedback before entering the environmental assessment and regulatory review process. This may help improve project proposals prior to their submission for review, and may lead to a more focused and efficient regulatory and environmental assessment process.


NPMO supports the Government of Canada's consultation with Indigenous peoples and acts as the Crown Consultation Coordinator on major projects in the territories.

Learn more, visit What is Crown Consultation.

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