Building a Strong North Together

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Our Goal

A strong, diversified and sustainable economy for the North that contributes to Canada's prosperity.

Working with our federal, territorial, business, industry, community and Aboriginal partners, we are turning that vision into a reality.

Economic Opportunities

Under Canada's Northern Strategy, the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) leverages economic opportunities to foster strong and prosperous northern communities, benefitting Northerners and all Canadians.

Strategic Action

CanNor, as part of Canada's Economic Action Plan, delivers its mandate to foster dynamic, diverse and sustainable economies in the North through three strategic building blocks.

1. Leadership and Advocacy

Partnerships are at the core of CanNor's activities. To help grow the northern economy, CanNor:

  • brings a "northern lens" to Government of Canada initiatives,
  • fosters dialogue and solutions to align and advance economic development activities, and
  • uses its programs, services and research to support, leverage and coordinate economic development in the North.

CanNor is signing agreements with Aboriginal communities and
territorial governments to coordinate efforts to advance responsible resource
development and ensure that Northerners benefit from major projects.

CanNor's Northern Projects Management Office is the federal focal point for resource development in the North.

CanNor advances major resource and infrastructure projects in the North through its Northern Projects Management Office (NPMO).

Located in all three territories, the NPMO:

  • provides technical advice and resolves issues among federal and territorial governments, regulatory and review boards, industry and Aboriginal groups to remove regulatory roadblocks;
  • coordinates federal government activities to streamline environmental assessment and permitting processes;
  • oversees federal Crown consultations with Aboriginal communities related to the environmental assessment process; and
  • helps prepare communities to participate in and benefit from local resource development projects.

2. Economic Development Programs

CanNor's economic development officers bring knowledge and expertise of local and regional economies in delivering the Agency's suite of contribution programs. CanNor's funding programs focus on growing key sectors of the northern economy such as resource development, tourism, fisheries, cultural industries, and small and medium enterprises.

By building the capacity of individuals, organizations and northern businesses, improving infrastructure, and strengthening key economic sectors, CanNor helps set the stage for a strong, diverse and sustainable economy.

CanNor has invested in initiatives to support mobile mine training programs in Yukon, to foster the fishery in Nunavut and to advance innovative energy solutions in the Northwest Territories.

CanNor Contribution Programs

  • Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development – strengthens driver sectors and diversifies territorial economies and encourages Northerners' participation in the economy
  • Aboriginal Economic Development– supports business development and project-based initiatives for community economic development
  • Northern Adult Basic Education– improves literacy and numeracy skills for northern residents so they can obtain jobs or take vocational training
  • Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund – repairs and improves existing public community infrastructure
  • Economic Development Initiative – expands economic development for Francophone communities in the North

3. Policy and Research

Policy and research provide a base for all CanNor activities. Information and analysis inform the Agency's approaches, decisions and programs. CanNor considers the socio-economic impacts of proposed major resource projects, provides evidence-based performance analysis, stays on top of new and emerging policy issues, and brings partners together to advance northern interests.

CanNor is creating tools like the Northern Economic Index
and Northern Economic Diversification Index to monitor
the state of the northern economy and to support the
Agency's work and that of its many partners.

A Strong Northern Economy

CanNor's approach is to foster a strong northern economy where Northerners
participate in and benefit from local opportunities, helping create prosperous and
vibrant northern communities and long-term prosperity for Canada.

Canada's North

Canada's three territories account for nearly 40 percent of Canada's land mass and its third coast. Northerners currently number about 113,000, with many people living in the territorial capitals of Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Whitehorse. Aboriginal peoples make up 85 percent of the population in Nunavut, 50 percent in the Northwest Territories and 25 percent in Yukon. It is a place with many settled land claims, world class geology, fast growing communities and a young population. The North has rich cultures and traditions that are celebrated by all Canadians.

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