Service Standards for Program Delivery


The Policy on Transfer Payments requires the establishment of departmental Service Standards for federal transfer payment programs. Under Section 6.5.9, the Deputy Head is responsible for establishing reasonable and practical departmental service standards for transfer payment programs . The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (herein referred to as "the Agency") has developed Service Standards to support its mandate: to advance economic development in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon.

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) works to create a diversified, sustainable, and dynamic economy across Canada's three territories that supports prosperity for all Northerners, Aboriginal people, and their communities. Providing good and effective client service is paramount to fulfilling this mandate. Hence, the need for sound and consistent management practices when delivering services to proponents is critical to the success of the Agency.

The Agency's Service Standards aim to measure the level of performance (i.e. timeliness) that proponents can expect when submitting funding and payment requests under its programs. The Service Standards are expressed in measurable terms (e.g. number of days and percentage of achievement) and provide guidance to Agency employees involved in delivering Agency programs. Simply put, they represent the level of Client service that all Agency personnel must strive to attain. Only proper due diligence should take precedence over meeting Client Service Standards.

The Service Standards are accompanied by detailed internal procedures to be followed in order to accurately capture and record dates.


Service Standards: a measurable level of performance that proponents can expect when requesting funding under CanNor managed contribution programs.

Acknowledgment Letter: a form letter or email sent to a proponent to acknowledge receipt of a letter of intent, a project proposal or an application for assistance. The document provides the proponent with a project number to be used in future communications with the Agency, as well as Agency contact information.

Proponent: applicant and recipient for CanNor managed contribution programs.

Net Business Days: the number of business days minus the business days during which the Agency is waiting for additional information that has been requested from the proponent.

Policies and Procedures

A common approach to service standards across all CanNor Programs

When it comes to great customer service, consistency is key. Our proponents expect a similar kind of service regardless of the program they are interested in. The Agency adheres to a common service standard to help clarify expectations for both proponents and our employees involved in project funding.

Service standards are an opportunity for CanNor employees involved in the delivery of economic development funding to gain a better understanding and build better relationships with our proponents. It allows us to define the nature and level of services we are aiming to provide, and clarifies expectations proponents might have when seeking funding through one of our Programs.

Northern Indigenous Economic Opportunities Program (NIEOP)

Through the Northern Indigenous Economic Opportunities Program (NIEOP) CanNor supports increased participation by northern Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities and businesses in economic opportunities. Support under NIEOP is complementary to the support for Northern Aboriginal people provided through programs of general application and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)'s programs of national application.

To align with the Framework's priorities and enable a region-specific approach to the delivery of Aboriginal Economic Development (AED) programming, starting in April 2014, CanNor is harmonizing and streamlining its four AED programs:

  • CanNor's Aboriginal Business Development Program (ABDP),
  • Community Economic Development Program (CEDP),
  • Community Support Services Program (CSSP); and
  • Community Economic Opportunities Program (CEOP)

These programs are consolidated to provide project-based support through two sub-program streams:

  • Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning (CROP); and
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD).

Business Development

CanNor supports the growth and expansion of northern businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, through partnerships and contributions. The activity's objective is to encourage a competitive, diverse northern business sector with a strengthened capacity for innovation.

CanNor's flagship contribution program under this program activity is the Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development (SINED) initiative. SINED contributes funding, as well as other forms of support to the development of proposals that aim to strengthen economic drivers, diversify the economy, increase the participation of Northerners in the marketplace, and improve the co-ordination of federal programs.

1. Service Standards - External

Acknowledging an Expression of Interest


  • Within ten (10) business days of receiving an expression of interest, the Agency will send an Acknowledgment – letter or email - to the Proponent.


  • The Agency aims to meet this standard 90% of the time.

Acknowledging an Application


  • Within ten (10) business days of receiving a signed application for funding, the Agency will send an Acknowledgment – letter or email - to the Proponent.


  • The Agency aims to meet this standard 90% of the time.

Rendering a Funding Decision


  • Within ninety (90) Net Business Days of receiving a signed and complete application, the Agency will render a funding decision (i.e. approval, rejection or withdrawal).


  • The Agency aims to meet this standard 90% of the time.

Rendering a Payment Decision


  • Proponents will receive a payment from the Agency within ten (10) Net Business Days of a scheduled payment.


  • The Agency aims to meet this standard 90% of the time.

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