Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD)

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Privacy Act Statement:

The personal information that you provide in this document is collected under the authority of the Privacy Act for the purpose of responding to this request. This information cannot be disclosed to other persons without your consent except where disclosure would be justified pursuant to one of the paragraphs of subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act. The information collected is described under the Standard Personal Information Bank, Access to Information and Privacy, PSU 901.



  1. The EBD Application Form allows us to determine eligibility for support available through Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD). Therefore, it is important that you answer all questions completely; use attachments if space is insufficient. Include any additional information that supports your proposal, such as business studies, market studies, financial statements and relevant industry information.
  2. Before making a commitment to provide assistance, CanNor may require an assessment of the potential impact of your project on the environment. To minimize delays, you should submit with your Business Proposal a copy of environmental studies or any other available information concerning possible environmental impacts.
  3. Please ensure that your EBD Application Form is signed and dated.
  4. Please submit the completed EBD Application Form, including attachments, to the CanNor delivery office nearest you (see below). Retain a copy for your files.
  5. Before completing the assessment of your EBD Application Form, a development officer will review the information in the document and contact you to discuss your proposal in more detail.
  6. Following a review and discussion of the information provided, and depending on the nature of your application, you may be asked to supply a comprehensive business plan.

For more information

We provide a range of support, information products and services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs and business organizations. For more information, please contact the CanNor regional office nearest you, or visit CanNor

Region Telephone
Nunavut (867) 975-3734

Northwest Territories
(867) 766-8327

(867) 667-3263

Information to assist you when applying to the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program

1. EBD supports opportunities that help Aboriginal firms grow in regional, national or international economies. Before completing your EBD Application Form, we strongly recommend that you refer to the literature available from CanNor so that you can discuss your project in detail.

Program materials are available at each of the Entrepreneurship and Business Development delivery offices listed on the previous page or online at CanNor

Note: This material is provided for information purposes only. Specific questions concerning eligibility and program criteria should be discussed with a development officer.

2. In order to determine eligibility, and to assess your request for financial assistance, CanNor is authorized to collect limited personal information, including the following:

  • We require documented proof of Aboriginal ancestry of applicants to confirm eligibility for the program.
  • We collect the gender of applicants for statistical purposes only, to allow us to report on the demographics of our client base.
  • We collect the date of birth of applicants to establish their eligibility for youth entrepreneurial support and to facilitate the completion of a credit check that may be required as part of our assessment.
  • We collect the education/experience of applicants to help us assess their collective business and management experience.
  • We collect personal financial information of applicants to help us assess their ability to contribute capital and obtain commercial funding.

All information provided as part of this business proposal is subject to the provisions of the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act, and will be treated accordingly.

All personal information collected will be retained for six years from the project completion date and transferred to National Archives of Canada for selective retention. To access your information, please contact us.

3. If your project is approved for a financial contribution under Entrepreneurship and Business Development, it may be subject to the Government of Canada's proactive disclosure reporting requirements. This means that certain information about your authorized contribution (excluding any information for which disclosure would be prohibited under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act) could be posted on the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada's external Web site.

Please speak to a development officer for more information.

4. CanNor and its clients are required to adhere to the provisions of the federal Lobbying Act.

For example:

  • No contribution may be offered to an applicant that, for the purposes of his/her/its application for financial assistance, has retained a lobbyist that is not in compliance with the Lobbying Act.
  • No contribution may be offered to an applicant that has retained a lobbyist for a commission, contingency fee or any other consideration that is dependent upon the execution of the Agreement.
  • For the purposes of these requirements, three categories of lobbyists are defined:
    • consultant lobbyists paid to lobby on behalf of a client, e.g., government relations consultants, lawyers, accountants or other professionals who provide lobbying services for their clients;
    • in-house lobbyists employed by persons (including corporations) and partnerships that carry on commercial activities for financial gain;
    • in-house lobbyists employed by non-commercial organizations such as advocacy groups, and industry, professional and charitable organizations.

Please note that all lobbyists must file a return with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying. The examples cited above illustrate the kinds of issues involved, but do not cover all of the requirements. For additional information and to ensure compliance, please speak to a development officer, or visit the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying.


To help us with our information and marketing efforts, please tell us where you learned about Entrepreneurship and Business Development? (Check all that apply.)


Business Contact

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Office

Canada Business Service Centre

Past/current CanNor Client

Aboriginal Business Financial Organization


Economic Development Officer

CanNor Website

Other Website (Specify)

Conference/Workshop/Trade Show (Specify)

Friend or Family Member

CanNor Office

A. Applicant Information

Applicant Legal Name

Business Operating name

Mailing Address

Business Address (if different from Mailing Address)

Telephone Number (Residence)

Telephone Number (Business)

Email Address

Facsimile Number

Ownership Information

Owner(s) Name

Ancestry (Please attach documentation) (Status Indian, Non- Status Indian, Métis, Inuit, Non-Aboriginal

Gender (information for statistical purposes only)

Percentage of Ownership

Date of Birth


For each owner, please attach a statement of education, training, employment history and management experience (Resumé).

Summarize below how the education/experience relates to this proposal.

Summary of Owner's (Owners') Net Worth

If the business has multiple owners, please submit a separate personal statement of net worth for each.

Assets $

Cash/Bank Balances (Confirmation required)

Real Estate



Other (Specify)

Other Investments

Total Assets (A)

Liabilities $

Charge Account Balances


Loans Outstanding


Other (Specify)

Other Accounts owning

Total Liabilities (B)

Net Worth (A) – (B)

B. Project Information

I am seeking assistance for one of the following (Check only one):

Support to start or acquire a business

Support for an existing business

Support for a youth entrepreneur

Support for an Aboriginal business organization

Please refer to our online information by visiting CanNor

Description of the Project

What product or service will you be providing, or are you currently providing? Identify your current and/or target market and any existing competitors. Attach any additional information that helps support your proposal, such as business studies, market studies and relevant industry information. For advocacy projects (i.e., projects designed to improve the climate for Aboriginal business), please outline the objectives, expected participants, timing, location, and any other significant information. The funding for advocacy projects is not intended for individual entrepreneurs or commercial ventures, but is available to business or sector organizations to support conferences, economic and sectoral research with widespread application, or other activities that promote Aboriginal economic opportunities.

Is the Project located in a First Nation Community? (Information for statistical purposes only.)

Yes If Yes – Name of First Nation Community


Structure of Business (check only one):

Individual/Sole Proprietorship



Incorporated Company, Band-Owned or Aboriginal community-Owned

Joint Venture

Other (Specify)

Estimated Project Costs and Financing

Please itemize major projected expenditures, and set out the proposed financing package. Total project costs must equal Total Project Financing. These are estimates only and are intended to provide CanNor with information on the expected size and scope of your project.

Estimated Project Costs $
Business Planning
Other (Specify)

Other (Specify)

Business Support
Other (Specify)
Total Estimated Project Costs

Estimated project Financing $

Minimum Applicant Cash Equity

  • Business plan and business support: 25% of cost
  • Capital and operating: youth entrepreneurs 10%; others 15%

Entrepreneurship and Business
Development Assistance

Other Government Assistance

Commercial Financing

Other Financing

Total Estimated Project Financing

Sources of Commercial Financing

Please identify the contact person and telephone number of financial institutions, government organizations or others you have approached to finance this project.

Contact Person
Telephone Number

C. Other Information

Have you, or any business that you own or have previously owned, received financial assistance from the Government of Canada (including CanNor)?

Yes If yes, please describe.


Are you applying to any other government programs for financial assistance for this project? If yes, please describe.

Yes If yes, please describe.


Do you, or your business, owe money to the Government of Canada?

Yes If yes, please indicate to which department or agency and list amount(s).


Have you already made any financial commitments for the project?

Yes If yes, please list amount(s).


Note: Any costs for which you have made a legal commitment prior to project approval will not be eligible under Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

Note: To be eligible for support, the applicant should be involved full-time with the proposed business in a management capacity.

When sending your completed EBD Application, please ensure that you have included the following:

Evidence of Aboriginal ancestry;

Evidence of sufficient personal financial resources to undertake the project you are proposing;

A resumé that highlights experience, training and/or education related to your business activity;

For existing businesses, a copy of your most recent financial statements (up to three years, if available);

Any additional information that supports your proposal, such as business studies, market studies or relevant industry information; and

A copy of any partnership agreements or incorporation documents.

Note: Failure to provide these documents with your Business Proposal will cause delays in assessing your project.

D. Declaration

Note: Each applicant must sign and date this Business Proposal.

To the Minister for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency:

The statements herein and the attachments hereto reflect an accurate description and estimate of costs regarding the intended project.

I (We) authorize duly appointed representatives of the Minister to obtain from and share with persons or organizations, public or private, any information necessary to complete the assessment of the project outlined in this Business Proposal.

I (We) certify that I am (we are) of Aboriginal ancestry and/or represent a company that is majority-Aboriginal owned.

I (We) consent to CanNor sharing my (our) name(s), phone number, and e-mail address with third party service providers (who are required to safeguard the handling of this information under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and/or the Privacy Act) for statistical, research and evaluation purposes for the Aboriginal Business Development Program.

I (We) declare that if I (We) have used or are using the services of a lobbyist for the purposes of my (our) application for financial assistance, the lobbyist(s) is (are) in compliance with the Lobbying Act.




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