CanNor Service Standards for Program Delivery

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Project Assessment Report

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Section 1: General Information

Application Received
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Application Complete
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Project Title

Project Tag
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Funding Request Summary
Total Project Cost
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# Fiscal Year(s)
Proposed Start Date
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Applicant (Legal Name)

Contact Person

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Section 2: Eligibility Assessment

Applicant Eligibility

2.1 Applicant Description/Mandate

  1. Mandate of the organization
  2. History of the organization
  3. Purpose of the organization

Other Applicant Information

2.2 Extent of Mandate

2.3 Applicant Status
For Profit
Not For Profit
Other Level of Government

2.4 Aboriginal / Non-Aboriginal
First Nation

2.5 Applicant Type


First Nation- or Inuit-controlled organizations, corporations, associations, co-operatives, partnerships and institutions

First Nations and Inuit Governments and Tribal Councils

First Nation or Inuit Business development and economic development organizations that provide services to Aboriginal individuals/businesses/communities under this authority


Organizations or associations whose mandate includes work that advances northern economic development

Individuals / Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Other levels of government and other non-federal entities, public or private, that have an interest in economic development in the North

Other (Please identify in 2.6)

None of the above (Ineligible)

2.6 Applicant Eligibility Assessment

  1. Provide justification for eligible/ineligible.
  2. Does the Applicant meet the program eligibility criteria presented above?
  3. Has CanNor funded this Applicant under this program over the past three years? If so, what resulted from that investment? Have all reporting requirements been met?

2.7 Conclusion

Based on the information provided, in my assessment, the Applicant is:

Eligible under this program.

Ineligible under this program.

Project Eligibility

2.8 Eligible Projects and Initiatives

Indicate if the project qualifies under the selected program by checking the applicable box:


Activities for First Nation and Inuit communities to respond to, pursue and participate in economic opportunities;

Activities to enhance the economic development capacity of communities, including:

  • Community economic development planning;
  • Capacity development initiatives;
  • Development of proposals;
  • Leveraging of financial resources;
  • Performance of economic development activities;
  • Access to technical and professional expertise and advisory services.

Pursuit of employment opportunities for community members;

Development of resources under community control;

Access to opportunities from resources not under community control;

Promotion of investment in the community, including engagement and negotiation with potential partners in economic opportunities;

Support for business development and economic development organizations or associations that provide business development, financial or economic development services to Aboriginal individuals, Aboriginal businesses or Aboriginal communities under this authority.

None of the above (Ineligible)


Building the Knowledge Base

  • Research projects
  • Strategic plans and other related projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Database development

Enhancing the Infrastructure Base

  • Feasibility or planning studies for public or multi-user infrastructure linked to economic growth
  • Telecommunications investments (public/multi-user) that fill gaps not covered by other federal programming
  • Small scale investments in new or existing infrastructure with direct linkages to enhanced economic activity

Capacity Development

  • Research projects
  • Development of materials, curriculum, standards which support capacity development
  • Capacity development initiatives

Economic Diversification

  • Sectoral strategies
  • New product development
  • Export/market development


Research and Consultation

Consult and be consulted with, carry out research;

Supporting Innovation

Develop innovative approaches to dealing with development issues;

Building Capacity of Organizations

Access expert support to analyse issues and proposal and build organizational capacity; Carrying out core organization functions.


Research and Consultation

Research, feasibility studies, planning, consultation, dissemination of knowledge;

Supporting Innovation

Research, development of products and markets, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, business cases, assistance in establishing patents / standards / certification, development of relationships and organizations such as clusters conducive to new creative solutions, purchase of minor equipment and other minor capital investments for demonstration or pilot purposes or public multi-user services;

Building Capacity of Individuals:

Research, consultations, and investments complementary to initiatives for skill development of individual Northerners (e.g. needs analysis, curriculum development, inventories of skills and services available in the North);

Building Capacity of Organizations:

Research (e.g. needs analysis) and expert support to build the capacity of organizations to serve the economic interests of Northerners, multi-user ebusiness solutions for non-profit organizations and businesses.

SINED (Pan-Territorial Fund)

Economic Development Initiative

2.9 Project Eligibility Assessment

  1. Provide Justification for eligible/ineligible.
  2. Does the project meet the program-specific criteria presented above?
  3. Has CanNor funded projects of this nature in the past?

2.10 Conclusion

Based on the information provided, in my assessment, the Project is:

Eligible under this program.

Ineligible under this program.

NOTE: If Applicant and Project are both eligible, proceed to Section 3. If either the Applicant or Project is ineligible, proceed to Section 2.11.

2.11 Recommendation

If the applicant and/or project is deemed ineligible for funding under CROP and SINED, the project assessment is complete.

The Application is ineligible under SINED and CROP. I recommend:

File Closure, Letter to Applicant

Sending Applicant Information About Other Programs/Partners

Recommended By: Name of Officer (Please Print)

Program Officer:


Accepted By:
Name of Manager (Please Print)
Regional Manager:

Section 3: Project Summary

3.1 Brief Description of the Project

  1. Provide an overview of the project (who, what, where, when, how)
  2. What are the main activities?
  3. What are the main project deliverables?

3.2 Background Information

  1. Describe the circumstances giving rise to the project;
  2. Identify links to strategic plans and federal priorities;
  3. Identify the project's relevance to the sector;

3.3 Project Context and Benefits

a) Target sector(s):

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • Other:

b) Define the economic opportunity:

  1. Origin: What is the gap in the sector/marketplace?
  2. Explain: How the gap resulted in an opportunity for the Applicant?
  3. Define: What is the economic opportunity?
  4. Identify: When will the window of opportunity begin to close?

c) Project goals, objectives and expected results:

  1. What are the project goals/objectives?
  2. What are the expected results (outcomes)?
  3. What are the expected deliverables (outputs)?

d) Identify potential community and/or economic benefits to be derived from this project:

  1. What benefits are expected to arise as a result of this project? (i.e. jobs, skills development, capacity development, etc.)

e) Identify the communities most likely to benefit from this project:

  1. _____________________________
  2. _____________________________
  3. _____________________________
  4. _____________________________
  5. _____________________________
  6. _____________________________
  7. _____________________________
  8. Other:

3.4 Performance Measurement

  1. Identify performance indicators that apply to this project and should be included in the funding agreement.

3.5 Project Start Date

Select Date

3.6 Project Completion Date

Select Date

3.7 Waiver Letter

  1. If applicable, provide justification for the issuance of a Waiver Letter.

This project will begin prior to CanNor approval.

Section 4: Project Viability Assessment

4.1 Work Plan



Completion Date
Select Date

Main Output(s)

4.2 Work Plan Strengths and Weaknesses

The activities identified above will result in the achievement of project objectives (if no, comment below).

The proposed timeframe to complete these activities is reasonable.

The strengths and weaknesses of the project work plan are identified below:

  1. Identify strengths and weakness of the project work plan

4.3 Budget

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
% (*)


* indicates % of Total Project Costs

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

Eligible Expenditures (Supported)

Eligible Expenditures (Not Supported)

Ineligible Expenditures


** indicates % of Total Eligible Expenditures

4.4 Budget Strengths and Weaknesses

The Applicant has identified sources of funds to cover all project costs (if no, comment below);

The Applicant has met the equity requirements of the program (if no, comment below);

The Applicant's funding request conforms to the applicable program terms and conditions;

The Applicant has made a legitimate attempt to secure maximum funding from other sources (if no, comment below);

In the absence of a competitive bidding process, the Officer has completed a fair market value assessment (comment below).

The Officer has assessed all aspects of the budget, including cashflow and in-kind contributions (provide comments below);

The strengths and weaknesses of the project budget are presented below:

  1. Identify strengths and weakness of the project budget (i.e. can the project proceed without CanNor funding?)
  2. In the absence of a competitive bidding process for goods/services, conduct a fair market value assessment
  3. Determine if in-kind contributions are eligible and rationalize why these costs should or should not be included in the project budget
  4. Provide details of Repayability (if applicable)

4.5 Project Management

  1. Provide details of the project managers or management experience which demonstrates their capacity to carry out the planned activities and whether the organizational structure is appropriate?
  2. Is the applicant in compliance with CanNor's management control framework regarding audits, reporting and other matters?

4.6 Project Risk Assessment (An evaluation of the project risk as it relates to the Agency)

# Risk Category

1 Project Management Capacity

Low Risk 1 Significant experience at managing projects of this nature

Medium Risk 2-3 Some experience at managing projects of this nature

High Risk 4-5 Limited or no experience at managing a project of this nature

Weight x2


2 Work plan is reasonable and can be completed within the proposed time frame

Low Risk 1 Yes, the work plan is reasonable and can be completed within the proposed time frame

Medium Risk 2-3 Work plan adjustments may be required to meet the proposed time frame

High Risk 4-5 Work plan adjustments will be necessary to meet the proposed time frame

Weight X2


3 Applicant has provided evidence showing all sources of funds are confirmed

Low Risk 1 Yes

Medium Risk 2-3 Some evidence provided.

High Risk 4-5 Evidence confirming other sources of funds not provided.

Weight x1


4 Applicant's contribution

Low Risk 1 More than 40%

Medium Risk 2-3 21 to 40%

High Risk 4-5 Applicant is contributing minimum amount required under the program

Weight x1


5 CanNor Contribution Percentage

Low Risk 1 0-50%

Medium Risk 2-3 51-80%

High Risk 4-5 81%-100%

Weight x1


6 Project Implementation (assessment of certainty)

Low Risk 1 Less than 12 months

Medium Risk 2-3 12-24 months

High Risk 4-5 Greater than 24 months

Weight x1


7 Other significant issues that may impact the project, such as:

  • Environment;
  • Land designation;
  • Conflicting land claims issues;
  • Recipient under co-management or third party management;
  • Significant external risk factors;
  • Please identify other risk factors in space provided below)

Low Risk 1 No significant issues

Medium Risk 2-3 Some minor issues

High Risk 4-5 Significant issues (Please identify the significant issues below – see item 7a)

Weight x2


7a) Other:

Total Available Score: 50

Low: 10-19 / Medium: 20-39 / High: 40-50


4.7 Project Risk Rating


4.8 Other Project Risk Considerations

4.9 Project Risk Mitigation Plan

  1. If risk is medium or high, identify the mitigation plan and consider special conditions under section 6.2

4.10 Project Viability Assessment

  1. Provide justification for viable / not viable.
  2. Identify any factors that are fundamental to success

4.11 Conclusion

Based on the information and analysis presented above, in my assessment:

The proposed project is viable (low risk).

The project is viable, subject to conditions and/or increased monitoring. (medium to high risk)

The proposed project is not viable

Section 5: Other Significant Issues

5.1 Strategic Considerations

  1. How would this investment support the priorities of CanNor and the Federal Government?
  2. Other matters for consideration (i.e. residual risk, market disruption, etc.)

5.2 Regulatory Issues / Comments from Northern Projects Management Office

Not Applicable

  1. If applicable, describe any regulatory issues/requirements that impact the project;
  2. Describe the status of securing approvals and outline measures that will address key regulations and approval requirements;
  3. Where regulatory matters are identified, identify CanNor's current involvement and include comments from Northern Projects Management Office;
  4. Provide information regarding any possible transboundary or interjurisdictional issues

Section 6: Recommendation

6.1 Recommended Terms and Conditions of Project Approval

No conditions apply

6.2 Recommended Terms and Conditions and/or Reporting Requirements for Funding Arrangement

No conditions apply

6.3 Recommended Funding Approach


Single-year agreement
Multi-year agreement



6.4 Communications Considerations

  1. Are there any upcoming opportunities for announcements?
  2. Are there any factors Communications should consider when identifying the timing and/or type of announcement?

6.5 Certification

I certify that:

  • I have no relation with the project or its proponents.
  • The information contained in this assessment is to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.

6.6 Recommendation

I recommend funding be provided under Select Program for the fiscal year _______ in the amount of $________ for the _______________ project.

Subject to 6.1 and 6.2

Recommended By:

Program Officer:

Name of Officer (Please Print)



Accepted By:

Regional Manager:

Name of Manager (Please Print)



NOTE: If a manager has carried out this assessment, s/he signs as Certifying Officer, and the next highest level of management would sign as Manager.

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