Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy for 2015–2016

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Carrying out SEA at the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor)

The Policy unit is responsible for SEA.

CIDM files cited are in CIDM / NCR / Public Folders / CanNor / SEA Registry.

The Manager, Statistics, Planning and Reporting, is custodian of the SEA process, and as the SEA Contact, retains a copy of all assessments. The Manager provides summaries of the extent and results of CanNor SEA as needed for purposes such as RPP/DPR, supported by a departmental SEA Registry.

Preparation of a SEA is the responsibility of the team preparing the policy, plan or program proposal. One individual, typically a Policy Officer, leads preparation of the SEA. The scope of the analysis should be commensurate with the level of anticipated positive or negative environmental effects.

Another staff member, as SEA Review Officer, provides a quality assurance review of the rationale presented for the SEA recommendation.

CanNor will continue to ensure that its decision-making process includes consideration of the FSDS goals and targets through the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process. An SEA for policy, plan or program proposals includes an analysis of the impacts of the given proposal on the environment, including on the FSDS goals and targets. The results CanNor's detailed assessment are made public when an initiative is announced. The purpose of the public statement is to demonstrate that the environmental effects, including the impacts on achieving the FSDS goals and targets, of the approved policy, plan or program have been appropriately considered during proposal development and decision making.

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