2021-2022 Expression of Interest Application



Notice to Applicants

The information collected in your application will be used, and may be disclosed, for the purposes of assessing the merits of your application. As part of the assessment process, the information may be shared with external consultants, review committee members, officials in other departments, federal, provincial and/or territorial governments or Members of Parliament.

It may also be used and/or disclosed for policy analysis, research, and/or evaluation purposes. In order to conduct these activities, various sources of information under the custody and control of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) may be linked. However, these additional uses and/or disclosures of information will not impact your project.

In the event that the application contains personal information, the personal information will be administered in accordance with the Privacy Act. The application is also subject to the Access to Information Act ("ATIA"). The ATIA provides every person with a right of access to information under the control of the department, subject to a limited set of exemptions. Instructions for obtaining access to this information are outlined in the government publication entitled Info Source.

Authorization: This section is to be completed by a representative of the applicant duly authorized to make this declaration in submission of a funding application to the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency.

Applicant and contact information
(9 digit identifier provided by CRA)
7. Applicant Type: Check all that apply
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Project information

12. Project description: The focus of the project should be clear and demonstrate how an existing problem or challenge will be addressed. Please provide brief answers the following questions.

What is the project about and how does it fit within CanNor's priorities? (maximum 1500 characters)
What is the need or opportunity? (maximum 750 characters)
What will the project accomplish/produce? (maximum 750 characters)
What are the expected economic benefits of the project? (e.g. jobs created; people trained; increased profits) (maximum 750 characters)
List any work that has been completed in preparation for this project (e.g., business cases, feasibility studies). (maximum 375 characters)
If you have identified community, territorial or private industry supporters for your project, please list below. (maximum 375 characters)
Forecasted project costs and funding sources
15. Forecasted Budget and Anticipated Sources of Funds




16. Have you already incurred costs or made legal commitments to the project?
Diversity and inclusion

The Government of Canada is committed to equality and diversity so that all Canadians have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Please Note: Providing answers to the questions in the table below will not adversely affect your application. If your organization does not meet the definitions provided or you do not wish to declare your status, please leave the fields blank.

Is your business owned or majority owned by one or more of the following under-represented groups? Check all that apply

Project submission and CanNor contact information

To submit your application and for general inquiries: Email: cannor.operations.cannor@canada.ca

In the email subject line, use the following format to assist CanNor in processing your application.

Email subject line format: 2021-22 EOI – [Territory (i.e., NU, NWT or YT] – [Organization Name]

Example: 2021-22 EOI – NU – ABC Enterprises

CanNor regional offices

Nunavut Region

Iqaluit, Nunavut
Tel: 867-975-3757

Yukon Region

Whitehorse, Yukon
Tel: 867-667-3346

Northwest Territories Region

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Tel: 867-669-2608

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