Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Governance structures

In 2020-21, CanNor will continue to update and implement its GBA+ Action Plan across the Agency. The GBA+ Champion and officer will continue to support GBA+ initiatives across the Agency, working with the broader GBA+ community in the Government of Canada to share best practices.

Human resources CanNor has 0.5 FTE dedicated to supporting the development and implementation of the GBA+ action plan. The FTE also supports writing GBA+ annexes for Memorandums to Cabinet (MCs) and Treasury Board (TB) Submissions.
Planned initiatives

CanNor's suite of programs encourages diverse groups, including Indigenous peoples, women, and youth, to seek support for their projects. CanNor's programs also support increasing the capacity of these groups and individuals to participate in economic development opportunities in the territories.

As part of its Departmental Results Framework (DRF), CanNor will track and report on the labour participation rate of women and Indigenous peoples in the Territories.

Reporting capacity and data

CanNor’s Community Development and Business Development programming collect recipient microdata information, such as Indigenous identity and whether businesses are youth- and/or women-owned/controlled enterprises. These programs include: the Inclusive Diversification and Economic Advancement of the North (IDEANorth); Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP); Regional Economic Growth through Innovation (REGI); Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES); and Northern Adult Basic Education Program (NABEP). Also, under Pilimmaksaivik’s Inuit Learning and Development Program, gender information is collected from applicants.

Microdata is collected and used to measure performance metrics related to economic participation. CanNor tracks these metrics as part of the Departmental Results Framework, and the data is used to evaluate how CanNor’s programs benefit Indigenous people and women.

CanNor will not be publicly releasing any reports in 2020-21 where individual microdata will be aggregated and/or used for GBA+ analysis.

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