General information on up-front multi-year funding to Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Recipient information Qikiqktani Inuit Association (QIA)
Start date August 1, 2019
End date March 31, 2023
Link to department’s Program Inventory People and communities participate in the economy in the territories
Link to department’s Program Inventory Community Development
Purpose and objectives of transfer payment program

The grant supports the construction of a Regional Training Centre in Pond Inlet which is expected to be operational in fiscal year 2023-24. This project supports the Government of Canada commitments under the Inuit Impact Benefit Agreement with QIA.

The Regional Training Centre will be used to train Inuit for employment in various economic sectors including the conservation economy (i.e. Inuit Stewards), science and research, mining and other areas of employment (i.e. government and Inuit organization sector roles) and also to provide a location for transfer of traditional knowledge and skills.

The objectives of this grant are to allow QIA:

  • To access the necessary technical, legal and engineering capacity and expertise required to effectively oversee the planning, design and construction mobilization of the Pond Inlet Regional Training Centre;
  • To pay for the completion of feasibility studies and pre-construction readiness activities by March 31, 2020 (e.g. user needs assessment, plans, options, technical drawings, efficiencies and alignment with other infrastructure initiatives in Pond Inlet) and business plan (i.e. including financial sustainability options to cover ongoing maintenance, operation and recapitalization) for the Regional Training Centre;
  • To pay, in part, for the construction of a Regional Training Centre. The funding will allow for the construction of a new building and assist with related capital infrastructure such as, but not limited to, equipment and furniture (e.g., desks, chairs, office equipment, electronic equipment (including computer hardware and software), major appliances and other equipment that may be required in order for the Pond Inlet Regional Training Centre to be fully functional and ready to host training activities in fiscal year 2023-24.
Total funding approved (dollars) $10,000,000
Total funding received (dollars) $500,000
Planned funding in 2020−21 (dollars) $1,066,000
Planned funding in 2021−22 (dollars) $6,434,000
Planned funding in 2022−23 (dollars) $2,000,000
Summary of recipient’s annual plans Funding in 2020-2023 will allow for the construction of a training facility in Pond Inlet, Nunavut.
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