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Education and training opportunities to support personal development and career advancement for Nunavut Inuit employees with the Government of Canada in Nunavut.

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Inuit employees

As an Inuit employee in the federal public service in Nunavut, you can access career planning tools that:

  • help navigate conversations with management
  • create a roadmap for your career objectives
  • discover developmental opportunities within federal government.

Managers and HR practitioners

As a manager or HR practitioner within the federal government in Nunavut, you are accountable for the career development of Inuit employees within your team.

You can access a number of career planning tools and resources developed by Pilimmaksaivik to support you in this role. These tools help guide your talent management efforts and provide direction for career-related conversations with staff.

Programs and services for Inuit employees

Pilimmaksaivik offers various programs, services and initiatives to support your career development within the federal government in Nunavut.

Education Support Fund

The Education Support Fund (ESF) is a financial resource available to Nunavut Inuit occupying Nunavut-based positions in the federal public service who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

Your requested education must directly relate to concrete career objectives in the Government of Canada in Nunavut. The goal is to help Nunavut Inuit working in the federal public service in Nunavut advance in positions requiring post-secondary education. The fund prioritizes applications that align with federal positions requiring post-secondary education in fields with low Inuit representation (e.g. sciences).

Benefits can include:

  • full salary
  • top-up for expenses such as tuition and books
  • travel from academic facility to home community
  • access to Crown housing during studies

The ESF is intended to supplement existing education support such as Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students (FANS). Participants must sign a Return-to-Work Agreement equal to 1.5 times the length of studies.

Job-related training

In-service training is offered throughout the year to federal public servants. Inuit employees have priority registration.

Training is based on job requirements and the identified training needs of Inuit employees. Examples of regular in-service training include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Project Management and Effective Events and Meetings.

Mentorship program

Pilimmaksaivik coordinates a mentorship program for Inuit employees. This program provides Inuit employees with the opportunity to receive informal support and guidance from someone working in a similar field or with similar experiences.

Inuit employees can also choose to become mentors, sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences through this voluntary partnership.

Sivuliqtiunirmut Ilinniarniq Leadership Program

Sivuliqtiunirmut Ilinniarniq Leadership Program is a training initiative that supports the development of Inuit employees seeking to enter supervisory roles.

Training is multi-phased over eight months and curriculum is blended from the Canada School of Public Service's Supervisor Development Program as well as other service providers. The objective is to support Inuit employees in developing skills and confidence needed to advance and succeed from entry-or mid-level to supervisory roles.

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