Arctic UAV flies high

Staff with Arctic UAV prepare a drone for launch

Arctic UAV, located in Iqaluit, Nunavut, offers a unique perspective on the North… one from well above the ground.

This 100% Indigenous-owned company offers imaging services using locally trained unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators, all of whom have obtained their professional UAV Operators Certification that follows Transport Canada's guidelines. Arctic UAV operators have also provided training to Inuit youth interested in learning how to become UAV pilots.

CanNor provided Arctic UAV with early funding, through the Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) Program, for business plan development and later for a business expansion plan. Additional CanNor funding through IDEANorth helped the company purchase  equipment to upgrade their UAVs for search and rescue functions. Further assistance from the Northern Business Relief Fund (NBRF) helped keep the business open and staff employed during the pandemic.

Arctic UAV has provided services to Transport Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and the Government of Nunavut. Specialized services offered by the company include surveying, mapping, environmental conservation, aerial photography, search and rescue, site surveys, weather tracking, and wildlife conservation. They have also worked with companies located outside of the North to test the limits of their aerial drones in cold weather climates.

Recently, Arctic UAV used thermal imaging from their drones to help the City of Iqaluit locate hot spots during a fire at the city's dump. This helped the fire department determine where to target their efforts.

Of the UAVs used by the company, the Wingcopter 178HL can spend up to two hours aloft, travel up to 100 kilometres and do thermal imaging and surveying work.

Arctic UAV fully understands and appreciates how CanNor funding programs can help northern businesses innovate and expand their range of services:

"Having a high-tech company in the Arctic is tough at the best of times. We needed a partner who understood the ups and downs of running an innovation business like our drone service business. CanNor was an important partner to invest in a proven SAR drone and wildlife drone system to keep us at the top of our game. Because of CanNor we now offer services that very few drone companies offer in Canada,"
CEO Kirt Ejesiak

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