Travel Nunavut works to keep territory in the spotlight

A massive, pants-like rock formation stands along the ocean shore in the Arctic.
"The Pants" or Qarlinngua, near Arctic Bay. (Source: Travel Nunavut)

Tourism operators and tourist-dependent businesses across Canada operate in a competitive sector, and Nunavut businesses face further logistical challenges to draw visitors and reach markets. That's why CanNor supported two initiatives by Travel Nunavut to provide extra tools and resources for local businesses to expand their operations, increase visibility and make Nunavut a destination of choice for Canadians.

Travel Nunavut is a not-for-profit membership association supporting the development of the tourism sector in the territory. To accomplish this, the organization gives members access to specialized resources and expertise in four key areas: marketing, research and communication, market readiness, and advocacy. Travel Nunavut in turn also works to promote the businesses of its members, as well as general visits to the territory.

Travel Nunavut's first initiative, supported by CanNor, was the Travel Industry Development Program. This initiative focused on the development of professional marketing campaigns across multiple mediums that promoted visits to the territory in the years before the pandemic. That campaign included using social media, placing ads in major Canadian airports, running ads in newspapers and magazines, and at industry trade shows.

"This project focused on developing capacity within the industry. We did this through workshops and marketing campaigns. In tourism, you need to stay top of mind for travelers. The funding from CanNor allowed us to do that," said Kevin Kelly, Travel Nunavut CEO.

Travel Nunavut's second initiative, supported by CanNor through the Inclusive Diversification and Economic Advancement in the North (IDEANorth) fund, was the development of business websites and webinars for its Inuit members and businesses across the territory. This promotional initiative gave participating members a new online presence for their businesses, which led to increased visibility to southern markets and customers.

"As a direct result of CanNor funds, we built twelve operator websites. These websites are now driving sales for our members, and our members see the benefits. One member, Uasau soap, has experienced an explosive increase in sales," Kelly said.

"This is only one example, and we have eleven other members with similar results. This would not have been possible without the support of CanNor."

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