Sunnyside Dairy Farm - from the farm to grocery store shelves

Sunnyside Farm milk on a grocery store shelf.

Mountains, lakes, trees and… dairy cows? Perhaps not something you would expect from the Yukon, but Sunnyside Farm is one of the farms in the territory that are changing that.

Located in the Ibex Valley just outside Whitehorse, Sunnyside is a small family farm offering fresh dairy products and produce. Since day one, owners Krista and Jason Roske have run the business with the goal of offering sustainably grown and raised food that remains affordable to customers. None of the products contain synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and seeds used on the farm are GMO-free.

Before expanding in 2022, Krista and Jason operated the facility as a hobby farm. Once the decision was made to become a commercial operation, the transition required considerable time, effort and planning as well as support from partners such as CanNor. Getting dairy plant training, buying new equipment, acquiring Jersey cows, adhering to regulatory requirements - none of this was easy, especially for a small business. But Krista and Jason, grounded in their respect for the cows and their commitment to sustainable agriculture, made it happen.

Sunnyside Farm also frequently supports, showcases and collaborates with other Yukon producers and growers, demonstrating a firm belief in building a strong, supportive agri-food community across the territory.

Today, Sunnyside Dairy Farm products can be found at a number of Whitehorse grocery stores and shops. In fact, when Sunnyside butter first hit the shelves, it sold out immediately. The business has been featured in CBC News, Yukon North of Ordinary publication and more, with countless interviews highlighting Krista and Jason’s journey and the many hurdles they overcame.

Passion, partnership and determination – raise a glass of Yukon-made milk and cheers to that!

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