Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD)

The Entrepreneurship and Business Development (EBD) fund is one of two program contribution streams offered under the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP).

The EBD fund provides financial support to Aboriginal entrepreneurs, businesses, and commercial entities to expand their business in the three territories. It helps applicants pursue economic opportunities that benefit Aboriginal people. The fund is also intended to provide project-based support for activities that help to establish or grow Aboriginal businesses.

The goal of the EBD fund is to:

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Who can apply for EBD funding?

You can apply if you are:

What type of activities qualify for EBD funding?

Eligible projects include:

What information do I need to submit when I apply?

Each request for financial support is assessed on its own merits. Assessments take into account the financial need, the scope of the project, and other sources of financing available, including funding received from other government departments and agencies. A balanced financial package, involving debt financing from other sources, as well as a minimum level of an applicant's own cash equity, must accompany an application.

Before CanNor can consider supporting any proposed venture, the entrepreneur or organization applying for support must be able to demonstrate the following:

How do I apply?

Application forms may be obtained by contacting the nearest CanNor office. Applicants are encouraged to speak to a CanNor representative before completing an application form to discuss the program, application process, and who and what are eligible.

What happens after I apply?

Applicants will be contacted by a CanNor officer after receiving the signed application to confirm it is complete and to discuss next steps.

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