Innovation and clean technology funding

Important notice

As part of Budget 2018, the Government of Canada has committed to provide ongoing funding for SINED.

Please note that application intake under SINED is currently on hold while details around the application process for 2018-2019 are being developed. We invite you to contact your regional CanNor office if you have any questions about our programming. Thank you for your interest in the programs and activities of CanNor.

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Why is CanNor funding innovation and clean technology?

A strong northern economy is about building on its strengths – its people, its natural resources, and its industrial capabilities. There is potential in the North for innovation across all sectors of the economy, whether that is mining, fishing, energy, or forestry.

The Government of Canada is seeking to reduce the environmental impacts of energy production and to transform Canada into a low-carbon, globally competitive economy. Developing clean technology will play a critical role in driving economic growth, diversifying the economy, and creating jobs that will lead to a sustainable and prosperous North. CanNor's program funding will support economic and business development projects that support the development of clean technologies or enable climate change adaptation activities such as developing renewable energy resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or improving water or soil quality.

How is CanNor describing innovation and clean technology?

Innovation is seen as the conversion of ideas and knowledge into new products and services. Innovation in the North includes accelerating the uptake of existing technologies and processes by refining and adapting them to work under northern conditions, as well as the development of new technologies and processes.

Clean technology is any technology that improves on life-cycle environmental performance (be it air – reduction of greenhouse gas emission; water quality or soil) relative to the standard/most commonplace technology in a given market. The development or adoption of clean technology can improve environmental performance by:

Who can apply for innovation and clean technology funding?

Organizations eligible for funding under CanNor's Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP) and CanNor's Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development (SINED) program can apply for innovation and clean technology funding.

CanNor will announce calls for Expressions of Interest for projects that support innovation and clean technology on CanNor's website and northern media.

For more information on SINED's eligibility criteria, visit Who can apply to SINED? or the SINED Guidelines sections of this website.

For more information on NAEOP's eligibility criteria, visit Who can apply for Funding? under the NAEOP Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning and under the NAEOP Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program.

How can I apply for innovation and clean technology funding?

The first step is to submit an Expression of Interest outlining the details of your project to your regional CanNor office during the advertised calls for Expressions of Interest period.

Eligible projects for innovation and clean technology funding must do at least one of the following:

Applicants applying for funding under innovation or clean technology will need to clearly show how their project is either innovative, or will improve environmental performance. In addition, applications must also demonstrate how their project will help promote economic development or diversification in the North.

Contact your regional CanNor office for assistance determining your eligibility or completing your application.

When can I apply for innovation and clean technology funding?

The next call for Expressions of Interest is yet to be confirmed. Check CanNor's website and northern media regularly for an announcement of the next call for Expressions of Interest.

For more information, contact your regional CanNor office.

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